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The Cosmic Tale

4.8 ( 6768 ratings )
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A fairy tale to discover the beginning of the universe to the creation of our planet.

A journey to play along with your child in the exploration of the cosmic elements, discovering that everything is connected and related.

A book that introduce at the beginning of each chapter, using aid words, the elements to interact with.

An interactive digital experience that, in this new technological dimension, expands and widens the child’s sense of awe and innate explorative desire, using all the specific possibilities of this medium.

A tale to be discovered in different phases, as the child grows and so do his/her knowledge and exploration capabilities: it can both be read with the child’s parents just like a book or used independently by the child – in complete safety – revealing little by little details and surprises.

Presented at the international convention "Cognitive processes, new technologies and the Montessori Method" and approved by the Foundation Montessori Chiaravalle, the app sees the light thanks to the synergy of several professionals – teachers, designers, animators, programmers, musicians – that created a safe and high quality product that guides children in the exploration of the digital potentials in a secure and protected environment.

Text and audio are available in: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch.

Protection and Privacy:
This application does NOT allow purchases, it does NOT allow browsing on external links or sharing content.

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